Advanced Legal Strategies For Federal Criminal Charges


Federal Crimes

The penalties for a federal criminal conviction can include massive fines and long-term imprisonment. Serious allegations require high-level criminal representation. At Deen Law, P.C., we offer the experience and skill to help you reduce or dismiss white collar crime charges. We represent clients facing criminal allegations, including:

  • Embezzlement
  • Drug trafficking
  • Political conspiracy and corruption
  • Fraud
  • Murder

It is important to get started on a strong legal defense immediately when facing federal criminal charges. Call us today at 251-433-5860 .

Innovative Representation For Complex Charges

You may be facing complex criminal charges involving finances and conspiracy. Your case likely requires detailed analysis and an advanced understanding of the law. Our founding attorney, Jeff Deen, has provided criminal defense representation for clients in Baldwin County for over 35 years. He uses creative legal strategies to help his clients mitigate criminal charges. Mr. Deen shapes a relatable defense backed by facts and a deep knowledge of criminal law. He has spent extensive time in court and has a detailed understanding of how to create a strong defense.

Mr. Deen's proven track record shows his dedication to results. He has successfully secured not guilty verdicts for serious cases involving allegations of rape, manslaughter, murder and capital murder. Jeff Deen represented a Mayberry woman facing federal criminal charges for selling a jaguar fur coat across state lines. Mr. Deen secured a not guilty verdict, stating that she was baited into carrying the illegal item across the state line.

Mr. Deen has also represented clients in publicized political corruption cases, including the former chief of staff for the governor of Alabama. Mr. Deen helped his client secure a not guilty verdict on all counts of racketeering, conspiracy and fraud charges.

Attorney Lisa Bumpers Deen offers tenacious criminal defense representation. With over a decade of criminal law experience, she will offer great insight into your legal issue. Together, the legal team at Deen Law, P.C., provides well-rounded criminal defense against white collar crime charges.

Do Not Hesitate To Schedule A Consultation

We understand the gravity of criminal allegations and that timeliness is essential. Contact our office in Mobile, Alabama, today to schedule a personal consultation with a lawyer. We will help you work through your difficult legal issue. Call us at 251-433-5860 , or fill out our confidential contact form.