Advocating For People Facing Serious Violent Crime Charges

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Violent crime charges, such as homicide, are often the result of a mistake or an accident. Your loved one may have been acting in self-defense that ended in the accidental death of another person. Unfortunately, even mistakes can end in a penalty of lifetime imprisonment. In Alabama, some murder offenses may result in capital punishment.

Do not waste your time, money and freedom on an ineffective legal defense. Contact Deen Law, P.C., for an experienced and skilled trial attorney in murder defense. Jeff Deen has represented clients facing serious criminal charges throughout Alabama for over 35 years. He has secured numerous not guilty verdicts for clients charged with murder, including capital murder. He is known to take on difficult criminal cases and tactfully advocate for his client's freedom.

Our professional team includes Lisa Bumpers Deen, an accomplished criminal defense attorney. She has successfully defended hundreds of clients facing criminal charges over the past 10 years. Together, our lawyers offer a tenacious presence in the courtroom, unafraid to push for innovative legal solutions. They shape the story to fit the facts in a manner that the court and jury can understand.

Working With Clients For The Best Defense Possible

We run a people's practice, meaning that we work with people, not cases. Our compassionate attorneys want to know about your individual circumstances. If a death occurred because the accused faced mental illness, then we can address that together. If a loved one has been accused of a crime they did not commit, then we will fight to clear their name. We will ask questions about the arrest process to determine if police officers used the correct procedures.

There are multiple defense strategies for murder charges. It is important to have an attorney who knows how to shape the best defense for you. At Deen Law, P.C., we care about our clients' future and will take every step possible to mitigate criminal charges.

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